With summer officially in the air, we thought it was the perfect time to share some of our favourite activities around the city. We talked to our doulas and team members to see where they are headed in the coming months. Below is a list of 10 fun outings for you and the family! If there are other ideas we missed, make sure to tag us on Instagram.

Medieval Times

Medieval Times is one of those spectacles where you forget how fun it is until you’re THERE. The lights, the music, the cheering, it really is an atmosphere unlike anything else in the city. You’ll be seated in a specific section, which includes a color (that’s your Knight for the evening) and you’ll cheer your warrior on throughout the festivities. The battle will be part jousting, part sword fighting, and part hand-to-hand combat. Pricing starts at $69.95 for adults and $47.95 for children. You can see all the options here.

SkyZone Trampolines

When was the last time you played around on a trampoline? It’s probably been a while! But you’ll be happy to know it’s just as fun as you remember from childhood (make sure you are careful!). The best trampoline spot in the GTA is at SkyZone, located on the east side of the city in Leaside. It has everything you could imagine when it comes to trampolines, including; a dodgeball section, foam pits, warrior course, and climbing walls. It’s the perfect way to spend a day if your child is active and looking for adventure. A standard pass costs $30, you can see all their options here.

Canada’s Wonderland

Maybe the most EXCITING option on our list, nothing gets the heart rate going more than a roller coaster ride at Canada’s Wonderland. The park has been in operation since 1981, situated on 300 acres in Vaughan, Ontario and features more than 200 attractions including 17 roller coasters, two children’s areas and a 20-acre water park called Splash Works. Depending on the age of your family you can plan for a day that fits their interests. Maybe that’s lining up for the biggest and best roller coasters! Or it could be a more laid-back day in the water-park. It’s another activity that can be a regular part of your summer plans if you have a season’s pass. Daily tickets can be as low as $40, whereas a season’s pass is closer to $100. You can see all their options here.

Riverdale Park Picnic

Have you ever been to Riverdale park during the summer? It’s an incredible view, with a giant slopping hill that overlooks a track and soccer field. You’ll find many people enjoying all different activities. It could be an ultimate frisbee game in one corner, runners on the track, a group of fitness enthusiasts down on the outdoor workout equipment, or people with a blanket and a book relaxing on the hill. It’s a great spot to meet up with other families and friends to enjoy some time in the sun together. You can read more about the park here.

Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo has been a fixture in the city since it opened way back in August of 1974. Built on 710 acres in the Rouge River watershed (northeast of Scarborough); The Zoo is divided into seven zoogeographic regions: Africa (Rainforest and Savanna), Americas, Australasia, Canadian Domain, Eurasia Wilds, Indo-Malaya, and Tundra Trek. It’s the perfect place to take the whole family and help foster an interest in animals and nature for your little one. The Zoo boasts 5,816 animals, not including invertebrates, representing 495 different species. It can easily take multiple days to take in every part of the facility, making this an activity you can do multiple times in a season. Make sure to dress comfortably and stay hydrated! Costs range from $20-$30 per person depending on your age. The good news is that children 2 and under get in free ?. You can see their ticket options here.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Is there any more unique activity in Toronto than visiting Ripley’s Aquarium? Located in the heart of the city, right beside the CN Tower, it’s the perfect spot to take the whole family. It’s easily accessible via the GO train if you’d like to avoid driving into the downtown core.  The facility launched in 2013, boasting 13,500 sea creatures across 450 different species. They’ll regularly have different exhibits throughout the year, so you’ll always be learning something new when visiting. There is plenty of opportunity for interaction, including an area where you can walk underneath the aquarium and feel as though the creatures are swimming right beside you! Adult tickets are $44, children 6 to 13 years old are only $29, and amazingly kids 3 to 5 are only $12.50. You can see all the ticket options here.  

Hockey Hall of Fame

Do you have hockey fans in your household? There may be no more hallowed grounds for hockey fanatics than the Hockey Hall of Fame at 30 Yonge Street. This is where the best and most memorable players from the hockey world are honored after their playing days are over. You can bring the family and take in their many different exhibits, learning about the history of hockey, like the first use of goalie masks, revelling in all of Wayne Gretzky’s records, and exploring the evolution of hockey equipment and technology. They always keep the facility super interactive for children, with games where you can test your skills as a goalie and player. At the end of your tour make sure to snap a picture with the Stanley Cup! Children under 3 get in free and adults are only $25. You can see their hours and ticket info here.  

Ontario Science Center

Is there anywhere more exciting for a budding scientific mind than the Ontario Science Center? We all think about your hair standing up when touching an electrical ball, but there is SO much more to discover at the Science Center. They have had over 54 million visitors since opening their doors in 1969. Located just off the DVP, south of the 401, it’s an easily accessible location for those driving in from outside the downtown core. They have a variety of programs depending on the age of your child, things like; summer camps, the science baby program, a deep-sea vessel, virtual events, birthday parties, and more! I

Legoland Discovery Centre

Lego has a bit of a mixed history with parents. On the one-hand it’s such an incredible activity that helps children lean into their creativity, using their imagination to build structures through endless hours of play. On the other, many parents have been injured by runaway pieces that found their way underfoot. There is no pain quite like a lego piece digging into your heel. But if we can put aside our past trauma, the Legoland Discovery Centre at Vaughan Mills mall is one of the hidden gems in Toronto. There is so much to do inside, it’s a paradise for kids that have a love of lego. You can explore miniland, a replica of Toronto made with over a million bricks! Or create and race your own lego car creation down a giant ramp. Plus dozens of other areas and attractions. Tickets start at $27 for a daily pass. You can read more here.

Elora Gorge Campground

This one is located a bit outside the city, but well worth the travel if you’re a family that enjoys the great outdoors. The Elora Gorge Campground is just north of Guelph, west of Elora and Fergus. The Gorge is one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural areas in the Grand River valley. The Grand River rushes past 22-metre high cliffs. Riverside trails (with safety barriers) and scenic overlooks provide hikers with stunning views of the water far below where kayakers and tubers make their way through the rapids. The camping season runs from May 1st through to October 15th. There is SO much to do in this area, you’ll almost certainly want to visit multiple times to take it all in. Their website lays out all the different activities and what you’ll need to have fun and stay safe during a visit.