We’ve all been there before. Only a few weeks left until your friend’s baby shower and you don’t have ANY IDEAS for a gift. Looking at the registry and all the good ideas are taken, what do you do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered at Discover Birth. We talked to our doulas and did some digging around to come up with 10 baby shower gift ideas to help you out this summer. Whether you’re looking for an experience like a spa day, or a practical gift like a door knob silencer, we’ve got plenty of ideas below…

Prenatal Class

We have a saying here at Discover Birth which is that “sometimes the first baby someone holds is their own.” Many people don’t have much experience with pregnancy, birth, and parenting before starting their journey – and that’s ok! We always recommend taking a prenatal and/or baby class to help people feel more comfortable with what’s to come. A class can make a for a terrific baby shower gift! You know your friend will already be getting plenty of baby items, why not give the gift of education instead? There are a LOT of different classes available, so you can do some research to find what works best. We have several options here at Discover Birth. You can see all our classes here, and even purchase them as a gift card 

Pregnancy / New Baby Journal

Over the years we’ve seen so many doula clients enjoy the use of a journal. Writing down memories, experiences, emotions, and thoughts during the pregnancy and birth journey can help in a few ways. Firstly, it gives an outlet to help work through a very unique time in someone’s life. Many clients talk about the benefit of getting their thoughts down on paper how positive that can be for their mental well-being. Secondly, this time in a parent’s life can fly by in a flash. Keeping a journal can help someone remember those little moments and experiences that may be lost or forgotten over time. There are a lot of amazing journals available online. We always recommend looking on Etsy, where you’re sure to find a special one.

Online Scrapbook for Newborn

The pregnancy and birth journey can be a whirlwind of a time for new parents. Things are changing, time is flying, there are new things to focus on and worry about. It’s easy to look back and wonder how it all went by so quickly? This is why creating a scrapbook for memories can be such a beautiful gift! There are a lot of options online where you upload photos and create a stunning scrapbook. You can give this as a baby shower gift, offering your time to collect photos from the parents and create a book that captures their journey.

Door Knob Silencer

We’ve all seen the memes on Instagram. The parent who finally gets their child to sleep, creeping slowly out of a bedroom, only to make the slightest bit of noise on the way out, waking their baby in the process. Thankfully, it turns out that ‘necessity really is the mother of all invention’ and parents have come up with a solution to the noisy door-handle dilemma. There are a few different designs, but basically how it works is that a piece of fabric covers the door handle in a way that minimizes noise. You can find a few different options on Amazon. This is one gift that should be at every baby shower.

Baby Book

Go to any baby shower and you’ll undoubtedly find a pile of books sitting on the table. There is a reason for that, reading to children (and eventually encouraging them to read!) makes a big difference for their development. And helps them maybe find a lifelong passion for literature. If you’re running out of ideas for a baby shower just visit a bookstore and find some options for children of all different ages. That way your friends will have lots of options as baby grows.

Overnight Doula Support

When talking to new parents the one thing they always ask for is MORE sleep! And thankfully there is a way to give them that. Overnight doula support has been growing in popularity in recent years, with more and more parents discovering the value of having someone to assist at night. Here is how it works, a trained postpartum doula will come to a new parent’s home and take care of their newborn from 10 pm to 6 am the following morning. It’s an opportunity for parents to get some much needed rest and ease the stress of those first few weeks and months at home. This makes for a terrific baby shower gift that we know your friends and family will appreciate! You can read more about our overnight doula support options at Discover Birth by clicking here.

Bath Salts (for Parents)

Who’s to say that every gift at a baby shower needs to be for the coming baby? Why not mix in a little self-care for the parents as well! It’s hard to go wrong with bath salts. There are so many different types and scents to choose from, you’ll be able to find something unique for the parents-to-be. On top of just being a very relaxing experience, Epsom salts also have several benefits for users. This includes; moisturizing your skin, calming tense muscles and joints, scrubbing your skin, and assisting with sleep. This is something you can pick up just about anywhere. Your best bet is the nearest pharmacy where they’ll have plenty of other ideas as well!

Newborn Photography Session

Lost in the excitement and anticipation of becoming a parent is that you’re going to want to document the journey with photos! We’ve all seen those uber cute newborn photos on Instagram. It can be something as simple as beautiful photos taken in a crib or studio, to Star Wars themed sessions that pay homage to a parent’s nerdier side. Whatever it is, purchasing a newborn photography session as a baby shower gift is a sure winner. You’ll want to research some local photographers in your area and make sure that they’re willing to book ahead. You could even combine this gift with one of our earlier ideas on this list and include newborn photos in the scrapbook.

Spa Gift Card

We all are guilty of not making enough time for ourselves and it’s doubly true for new parents! Having a baby is such a significant change to a new parents schedule that it’s easy to put things like self-care on the back burner. One of the best gifts you can give at a baby shower is a spa gift card! Do some research in your area and try to find a well reviewed option. You can even take this gift to the next level by offering to go WITH your friend or family member to the spa. Friends don’t let friends go to the spa alone 

UncommonGoods Periodic Table Building Blocks, $39

Everyone gives block toys at a baby shower, but does anyone give blocks WITH the periodic table on them? We came across this idea on Instagram and they just looked so fun. It’s a set of 20 six sided cubes that contain the 118 elements found on the periodic table. Of course a newborn may not be ready to talk about organic chemistry just yet, but these blocks are a great way to invigorate the imagination of a toddler as they get older and start to discover the world. It’s a unique take on a classic child’s toy. Here is a link to the set we found. You can also search on amazon or Esty to find a set that ships to your area. 

That’s all we have for this round! Of course we barely scratched the surface of all the baby shower gift options out there. If you have any ideas to share with our community make sure to tag us on Instagram and we’ll reshare with the Discover Birth family. Please note that we don’t make anything off of our suggestions. We just like sharing cool ideas!