In the birth world, where clients are looking for consistent, trusted, and passionate doulas to support them on their journey, reaching a 20-year milestone is something we are super proud of here at Discover Birth. It’s a testament to resilience, adaptability, and a commitment of our wonderful team of doulas. Today, we celebrate Discover Birth’s two decades of relentless passionate for birthwork and making the world a better place… one family at a time.

Since our humble beginning in 2004, we’ve evolved from a small team of childbirth educators into the largest doula agency in Toronto. What started as a side hustle / passionate project has transformed into a thriving community of doulas, touching the lives of countless individuals, and leaving an indelible mark on 1000s of people around the GTA.

At the heart of our story lies a dedication to putting clients first. From the very beginning, we set out to challenge the status quo, pushing the boundaries of what was considered normal birth support. Our team of passionate educators dared to dream big, constantly striving to meet client needs and deliver services that make a difference.

Throughout the years, we’ve added more and more options and grown the team. Evolving from just childbirth education, to offering birth doula packages, infant cpr, and newborn overnight support. Each new service has allowed us to be more dynamic and provide wholistic support to you, our valued community of parents. We’re now the largest doula agency in Ontario.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of our customers, partners, and employees. Their trust, loyalty, and dedication have been the driving force behind our growth at Discover Birth. Together, we’ve built a community bound by a shared vision and a common purpose.

As we reflect on the past two decades, we’re filled with a profound sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunities we’ve been given, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the lives we’ve impacted. But more than that, gratitude for the people who have been with us every step of the way.

As we look ahead, the future is filled with endless possibilities. Doulas are becoming more and more common, as people look to take control of their parenting journey. We remain committed to riving positive change, being the voice of birthing persons, and making a difference in the GTA. With the same spirit of determination and passion that has carried us this far, we embark on the next chapter of our agency.

To all who have been a part of our story, we say thank you. Thank you for your support, your trust, and your belief in Discover Birth’s mission. Together, we’ve accomplished great things, and together, we will continue to support each other on the adventures that lay ahead.

Doula team member

Stefanie Antunes, Founder