Childbirth Education Prenatal Classes

Our childbirth education prenatal classes provide the latest information you need to know for your pregnancy. You don’t know what you don’t know!

LIVE Online Prenatal Classes

All of our in-person childbirth education prenatal classes are now available online during COVID-19 restrictions! Please book your preferred date and location and we will go back to in-person as soon as it’s safe to do so. Dynamic and engaging online platform. Learn what you need to know and ask questions. NEVER pre-recorded. Live and FUN! (we promise).

Join us for the BEST prenatal classes around!

Have you been looking for the right childbirth education prenatal classes? Isn’t hindsight always 20/20? How often do you say to yourself “if I knew then what I know now”? Well, we’ve been there and now we’re on a mission to educate, inform, inspire, and make you laugh your butt off!

We’re so sure that you’ll learn something in our classes that if you think you haven’t we’ll refund your fee!*

Some of your friends might say their classes were a waste of time, but we’re sure they didn’t take OUR classes. Our classes are fun, dynamic, interactive, and chock full of great USEFUL information.

All of our childbirth education prenatal classes fill quickly, so book early to ensure a spot!!!

We have group sessions and private classes, but if you’re looking for ‘fun’ then take our group classes! Plus, you’ll meet a group of people who live in the same city as you, with the same types of questions, and may just become your new besties (we have couples who are still getting together and their children are 13!)

Here are a few reasons to take our Discover Birth childbirth education prenatal classes:

  • You’re busy and having a hard time finding time to sit down with your partner and talk about this important experience
  • There are some nerves about your upcoming birth experience
  • You’re excited about birth and want to know how to make it the best it can be
  • You want to avoid a lot of unnecessary interventions and reduce your chance of caesarean section
  • There is a desire to feel confident as you head into the BIGGEST EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE.


These group sessions are taught in various lengths depending on how much you want to learn and to offer you options around topics, length, location and your budget. We recommend that you begin early in your third trimester to be completed no later than 2-3 weeks before your due date (though you are welcome to take it at any time you wish).

One-Day Class

Our one-day class is a great way to prepare for labour and birth.

Topics include:

  • How will I know when I’m in labour?
  • Stages of labour
  • Comfort measures
  • Relaxation
  • Partner’s role
  • Medications and common interventions
  • Cesarean
Two-Day class

Our two-day class is your A to Z class for all things pregnacy, birth, baby and postpartum!

Topics include:

  • How will I know when I’m in labour?
  • Stages of labour
  • Comfort measures
  • Relaxation
  • Partner’s role
  • Medications and common interventions
  • Cesarean
  • Baby care (soothing, diapering, bathing, etc)
  • The newborn  
  • Transition to parenthood
  • The postpartum experience
  • Infant feeding
  • Normal sleep behaviour and healthy sleep habits
Baby Care Class

Our half-day Baby and Postpartum class is focused on your baby and postpartum experience.

Topics include:

  • Baby care (soothing, diapering, bathing, etc)
  • The newborn  
  • Transition to parenthood
  • The postpartum experience
  • Infant feeding
  • Normal sleep behaviour and healthy sleep habits



2021 classes: $150 per couple – book today to reserve your spot!

Class dates Location Day of the week Times (Eastern)

Educators Cost (2 people)
June 12 Virtual Sat 9am-4pm Tashi/Helena $150


When COVID19 is over, in-person classes will resume. Private classes available in-person if preferred (pending COVID restriction status).

Book here: (select the class you want from the options)



 Our locations: *ALL CLASSES WILL NOW BE LIVE ONLINE until COVID is over.

  • Ajax: Ajax Women’s Healthy Physio
  • Cobourg: Holistic Family Wellness, 1040 Division St. Unit 6
  • Lindsay: The Adelaide Clinic, 1 Adelaide St N
  • Peterborough: 1434 Chemong Rd Unit 1-2, Peterborough
  • Pickering: Preschool Canada Early Learning Centres – 780 Kingston Road, Unit B11
  • Toronto: MindBody, 473 Church St., Toronto
  • Uxbridge: 141 Reach St, Unit 8, Uxbridge
  • Vaughan: Kirby Rd and Hwy 27 area
  • Whitby: Taunton and Anderson area

Don’t have time for group childbirth education prenatal classes, or your schedules are all over the map?

We’re doulas, so we get that. Ours are too! For that reason we offer private classes. For first time parents we do 3 sessions in your home. Each session lasts about 2 hours. Cost is $360. We also offer a private 2 hour refresher class in your home – $120. * Some conditions apply, but feel free to ask us what they are. Click here for more information or to add to cart.


If you still have questions about our childbirth educaiton prenatal classes we’ve got some answers for you!

Why Take Childbirth Education Prenatal Classes?

In the old days – you know, before cell phones and the Internet (gasp!) –  people learned about childbirth through watching and taking part in the births of family members. Now that the majority of people are birthing their babies at hospitals, we have lost the knowledge and confidence in our own abilities to birth our babies. It’s the sad truth. I can picture 100 years ago Dorothy saying “if Ruth can do this so can I!” Childbirth classes help to bring that knowledge and confidence back to expecting people and their support persons. And no, watching “A Baby Story” doesn’t count! In fact, media has done us WAY more harm than good. It is NOT a good tool for birth preparation.

How do I know which classes to take?

Prenatal Classes, Birthing Classes, Lamaze® Classes, HypnoBirthing®, – what is the difference and which should I take ?? It’s kind of like asking “what car should I buy”. It depends! Selecting the right childbirth education class can help give you the information you need to have a healthy and fulfilling childbirth experience. The challenge comes with knowing which childbirth education class to choose.

Here are a few things that we (and Lamaze® International – a leader in childbirth education) recommend that you look for when choosing your childbirth educator:

1- A certified childbirth educator

Certification conveys that the educator has the knowledge and skills that help peopl give birth with confidence and joy! The educator also guides families through the maze of modern obstetrics so that they are able to make truly informed decisions about their health care. A certified educator is a skilled teacher, a knowledgeable professional and a passionate advocate for women and their families. ALL Discover Birth educators are certifed.

2- Informed decisions

A curriculum that supports birth as normal, natural and healthy, and empowers people to make informed decisions. Look for someone who helps you make your own decisions, not someone who ‘tells’ you their opinions.

3- Varied content

Class content should include information about labour, birth and early postpartum; positioning for labour and birth; relaxation and massage techniques to ease pain; labour support; communication skills; information about medical procedures; breastfeeding; and healthy lifestyles.

4- Length of course

This is a big one!! Lots of people may choose a class based on price. Things to consider are “How much instruction am I getting for this reduced price?” and “Will I have to pay parking in addition to the course fee?”. Some courses cost less but you get a condensed course that allows little time for discussion. Research tells us that childbirth educations helps to:

  • Bring about positive change in some health behaviors 1
  • Increase communication with partners 2
  • Increased relaxation 2
  • Increased confidence for labor and birth 2
  • Decrease anxiety 3
What Topics are Covered in a Discover Birth Prenatal Class?

Topics covered may include (check what you’re registering for to be sure!):

  • Late pregnancy health and wellness (nutrition, exercise) and anatomy
  • Physical and emotional aspects of labour and birth
  • Coping strategies and comfort measures (including: positioning to facilitate the normal progress of labor and birth, massage techniques to ease the pain of labour and enhance relaxation, understanding the use of heat, cold, pressure and hydrotherapy)
  • Relaxation skills for use during labour and after pregnancy to relieve stress
  • Understanding the importance and role of support and the impact on the childbirth experience
  • Awareness and informed decision-making
  • Communication skills for the pregnant person with their partner and the members of her health care team
  • Medications and medical interventions (what will be available to you at the hospital you are choosing)
  • Early postpartum and newborn
  • Breastfeeding
Myth #1: Prenatal classes are all about breathing.

Reality: The goal of Lamaze® classes is to increase women’s confidence in their ability to give birth. Lamaze® classes help people discover the inner wisdom they already have for giving birth. You will learn simple coping strategies for labour, including focused breathing. But breathing techniques are just one of many things that Lamaze® classes will help you uncover!

Myth #2: Lamaze® promises painless childbirth.

Reality: Many people are afraid of the pain of labour, and that’s normal! Lamaze® classes help people understand the origin of pain and learn how to respond to pain in ways that both facilitate labour and increase comfort. We’ll discuss many ways to decrease the pain you’ll experience in labour.

Myth #3: Childbirth classs are for people who don't want an epidural.

Reality: Childbirth education prenatal classes provide information about natural pain relief options as well as epidural anesthesia (and other medications). Eliminating pain completely is pretty much impossible – regardless of your plans for use of medication! Prenatal education will assist pregnant people and their partners in making personal decisions that are right for them.

Myth #4: Childbirth Education Prenatal Classes "don't work".

Reality: Education that “works” has nothing to do with feeling pain, taking or avoiding medication, or developing complications that necessitate medical interventions. Prenatal classes teach people that nature has designed birth simply and close to perfectly and that people already know how to give birth. Classes “work” if you are informed and become an active participant in your experience.

Myth #5: Classes aren't for everyone.

Reality: Women have always prepared for the birth of their babies. Until recent times, women learned about birth from their own mothers and sisters. Birth took place at home with family rituals and traditions to help them feel confident in their ability to give birth. Women were surrounded by family and wise women who provided comfort and encouragement through labour and in the days and weeks after birth. Today, childbirth classes provide the knowledge, skills, and support that help people give birth with confidence and joy as they have done for centuries.  Preparation is for everyone! .

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