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About Discover Birth

Discover Birth. Welcome to our world of all things birth and babies! We are so happy to support your family through our birth and postpartum doula team, childbirth prenatal classes, and night nurse services!

About Us

Celebrating 20 years serving the GTA, Discover Birth is the largest doula agency in Ontario. We help new and soon-to-be parents to increase health and confidence, while decreasing stress and anxiety. Our model is based on a 3-point system of assessment, education, and support. The team team provides a perfect blend of education classes and doula support during pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.

All of our team members are trained by the largest and most trusted training organizations.




Our Mission

Discover Birth is on a mission to change the world. We believe that through positive birth and early parenting experiences, women, children and families can be happier, healthier and closer.

A baby’s birth has a long lasting impact on the physical and mental health of a birthing person, baby and family. The quality of emotional care a family receives during labour, birth and immediately after is critical. That care can strengthen or weaken the parent-child relationship. Therefore,  families need consistent, continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement and respect from those around them. Research suggests that good support systems have been found to reduce anxiety, increase relaxation and a sense of well-being.


Stefanie Antunes, LCCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), FACCE
Founder, Co-Director, Chief Doula & Educator


Julia Forest, PYTT
Co-Director, Doula & Educator

Stefanie Antunes had her first baby in 1998. The experience was NOT AT ALL what she had hoped for. Years later before the birth of her second baby, she made sure to attend childbirth education classes and become an informed decision-maker. This time, with the knowledge she needed and techniques she learned in class, she had a fabulous experience. Right away she knew she wanted to help other women to prepare for this important day. She became a Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Educator, and later a certified doula through DONA. Stefanie is the Treasurer for DONA International and former president of the Association of Ontario Doulas.

Stefanie believes that the world can be a better place if parents can have more positive childbirth experiences. She helps clients to bond properly with their babies. Together with the Discover Birth team, Stefanie is on a mission to change the world one family at a time.

Stefanie was awarded ‘Business Woman of the Year for 2022’ by CanadianSME Business Magazine recognizing her contributions to the families of Canada in improving perinatal health outcomes through Discover Birth’s childbirth education, birth and  postpartum doula offerings.

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Our Story

We’ve been serving clients in the Greater Toronto Area for almost 20 years! We’re so excited to have served thousands of families through our various services. That same team is committed to providing you the highest level of service. We look forward to being your trusted partner on your journey to parenthood and beyond.

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