We love to provide our families with resources we’ve vetted and that we know can help you through your parenting journey. Below you’ll find some info from one of our community partners:

Heather Ratych-Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist

Heather is a holistic psychotherapist and Social Worker who helps guide women through the excitement, anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, grief and chaos of pregnancy and early motherhood. She works with you to bring gentle and mindful awareness and compassion to the thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck and unable to move along your motherhood and family’s journey. She then works with you to connect you to your own inner-wisdom, build your resilience, and access supports (finding your village), to help you build a healthy mindset and lifestyle for both you and your family. sleepingbaby The transition to parenthood is exciting, but can also be overwhelming and nerve-wracking, and many new mamas feel isolated, exhausted and alone. Taking care of a baby demands physical, mental and emotional energy, and many people feel anxious about their life postpartum and about making so many new decisions. If you are a new mother, you may find yourself journeying through dark and unknown places, or you may be simply looking for others in a similar phase to build a village of support with. ​As a mom of three, I’ve been there- the desire to do everything “right”, the constant worry about your baby and whether or not what he/she is doing is “normal”, whether or not how you’re feeling is “normal”.  Come and build your tribe and join a group for expecting or post-partum mothers, where you can discuss the challenges, joys and concerns of new motherhood in a safe and supportive environment. Connect with others, build a community of support, have a tea, laugh and cry! Pre-registration for groups is required.  Spaces are limited, so please register early (https://www.heatherratych.com/copy-of-group-sessions) to assure your spot! Receipts are provided weekly and session fees are covered by extended health plans that include psychotherapy or social work services. The 4th Trimester Group (moms and their babies aged 0-3 months) runs on Fridays from 12:00-1:30pm and the next session starts Friday, November 2. Come build your tribe! It is important to connect with other moms and to share in the journey and joy of motherhood. It is easy to feel alone, but there is a whole community of mothers experiencing the same kinds of joys and challenges that you are, who are waiting to connect with you.   This 6-week support group will allow moms and their babes the opportunity to get out of the house, build a community of support and openly discuss the joys and challenges they are facing. We will cover the many questions and concerns that new moms often have including dealing with sleep deprivation and baby’s sleep cycles, going through the emotional ups and downs and coping with them, your adjustment to parenthood as an individual and a couple, your postpartum body, reintroducing self-care, and more.  Each class, you will be invited to share, connect, provide support, empathy and understanding, and most importantly, to understand yourself and grow through connecting with others’ experiences. The goal is for moms to interact, support and assist one another through this time of transition. Lots of talking, laughing, sharing and crying is encouraged! Mom’s Group (moms and their babies aged 3-6 months) runs on Fridays from (9:30-11:00am) and the next session starts Friday, November 2.  We recognize that the challenges that new mamas face extend past the 4th trimester.  Sometimes life after the initial postpartum period can feel lonely and isolating.  The excitement of a new baby has tapered, a partner may have returned to work, visitors may have slowed, and exhaustion and your new “normal” have set in.  This can leave mamas feeling a bit isolated and at a loss for how to care for themselves and to engage their little ones. Come join other mamas and babes to connect, learn, grow and support one another through the exciting time of 3-6 months old! This is a period of incredible growth for both baby and mama. Individual Counselling: I also offer individual counselling for mothers, which can help you to find solutions to the issues you are facing.  By applying a therapeutic approach customized to you and your life, we will work together to help you gain insight, achieve growth and experience happiness. Babies are always welcome! Although trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Hypnotherapy and Solution-Focused Therapy, I create a warm, supportive environment with a flexible approach.  Contact me to determine whether or not I may be a good fit for you. www.heatherratych.com