A postpartum doula is a newborn and parenting expert.

What does that mean? What do they do?
COVID-19 and working with doulas

COVID-19 is changing how we all work and live. It’s no different for us, but you’re still having a baby and still need this valuable support.  As professionals, here is what we will commit to:

    • Practice social distancing outside of client support
    • Wash hands thoroughly at home before we come to you, and again on arrival at your home, and frequently throughout each day
    • Avoid touching our eyes, nose, mouth
    • Use your cleaning products to wipe down surfaces in your home when we arrive, and again before we leave
    • Change clothes before we come to your home, and between clients
    • Check ourselves daily for fever, and before we come to you
    • Bring nothing from the outside into your home (baby carriers, bags, blankets, etc.)
    • Cancel immediately (and send a backup doula) if we or anyone in our home, or anyone whom we’ve been in contact with, shows symptoms
    • Wear gloves while we are in your home, if you’d prefer
    • Provide physical distancing even within your home, if you’d prefer – we can offer guidance and ideas, give breastfeeding support, prepare food, fold laundry, and do household organization from a distance while you rest and snuggle with your baby; we can have as little or as much contact with the baby as you’d prefer
    • Provide virtual support any time you prefer (guidance and ideas, processing, emotional support, breastfeeding information can all be given virtually)

We will also rely on you to let US know if anyone in your family has had any exposure to anyone with the virus, has traveled within the pat 14 days, or has any signs of illness.

What we do:

  • We get to know you so we know what’s most important to you and your parenting philosophy
  • We help you in your home with your new baby and teach you tons of great techniques
  • We’re experts in newborns and transition to parenthood
  • We help with breastfeeding and infant feeding
  • We help you bond with your baby
  • We can help with older children
  • We do light housekeeping
  • We can run errands

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t take over your role as a parent
  • We don’t babysit (we’re there to teach you and give you an extra hand, but typically our clients are in the home at the same time as us)
  • We don’t do major housekeeping (washrooms or yard work)

You know that old saying about taking a village to raise a child? Well that’s us! We’re there to help you fill-in the gaps that your own mother/aunt/sister/neighbour would have filled for you a hundred years ago when we all lived in small communities. A doula will help you feel more confident as a new parent, so you’re ready to continue your journey after she leaves.

When you hire a Discover Birth doula you get:

  • A properly trained doula by leading certification organizations
  • The support of a business that has been supporting clients for over a decade
  • Back-up doula in the (rare) event that your doula is sick
  • A doula that fits your family’s philosophy and shares the skills and personality that are a great fit for you!
I think I want a doula, but I’m not quite sure.
No problem! We offer a free in-home consultation with a few of our doulas so you can learn more and meet them in person. That helps to answer all your questions within a super short time frame.
I want a doula! What’s next?
Great. Fill-out our intake here or give us a call and we’ll begin the process. We’ll ask you a few questions and connect you with the doulas that have availability for your due date and who match what you’re looking for. Then we’ll send you a link to book your appointments at a time that is mutually convenient.  These consults typically take place in the comfort of your home and last about an hour. After that we’ll follow-up to see how everything went and we’ll complete the booking with the doula of your choice!
How much does a Doula cost?
That depends of course on the Doula and where you live, but our fees here at Discover Birth are $28 to $38 per hour. The fee can vary: depending on your location (higher in urban centres), the number of hours you hire us for, the time of day you need help, and their level of experience.. Here at Discover Birth, we have doulas who serve:

  • Toronto
  • Durham
  • Markham
  • Vaughan
  • Clarington
  • Kawarthas
  • Peterborough
  • Hamilton
  • North Humberland
  • And surrounding areas

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Fees are hourly with a 4 hour minimum during the day and 8 hour minimum at night. Hourly rates are based on the number of hours you book. The lower fee is for Durham Region, Kawarthas and Northumberland. The higher fee is for Toronto and surrounding areas (Markham, Brampton, etc)

0-20 hours = $35-38/hour
21-40 hours = $33-36/hour
41+ = $31-34/hour

NEW – VIRTUAL SUPPORT: Keep everyone OUT but get the help you need with our virtual support. We can help with infant feeding, baby care questions and postpartum care concerns. Pricing same as above with a $5 per hour discount using the code SAVE5

Your discount will be applied in your cart based on the number of hours you book.

Overnights = $280 per night (8 hours) ($270 if booking more than 30 nights)

We are committed to supporting the families of our community. If you can’t afford our regular prices and need support please call or email us for support on a sliding scale, 1-877-BIRTH36 (247-8436).

Check out some sample Postpartum Doula Package ideas:

(We can create any package to suit your needs, these are simply examples of what many of our clients have found to be helpful)


Help 911 $140+hst (Durham/Kawarthas) – $152+hst (Toronto)
Our Help 911 visit is a hands-on, in-person one-time visit when you need help in the first few days after coming home from the hospital. (4 hours)
Sweet Dreams Sleep Support $280.00 (no HST on overnight support)
Our Sweet Dreams Sleep Support package is tailored to provide you a good night’s sleep! (8 hours/night)
First Memories $759+hst (Durham) – $828+hst (Toronto)
Our First Memories package is tailored to provide hands-on teaching and coaching to facilitate bonding and to help you learn the skills you need (23 hours total – recommended as three 5-hour shifts week 1 and two 4-hour shifts week 2)

Baby Survival 101 $2,015+hst (Durham) – $2,210+hst (Toronto)
Our Baby Survival 101 package is tailored to provide help for the entire first month with your baby (65 hours).

Week 1 = 5 shifts of 5 hours
Week 2 = 4 shifts of 5 hours
Week 3 = 3 shifts of 4 hours
Week 4 = 2 shifts of 4 hours


Common Doula Questions & Myths

If I have some help do I really need a Postpartum Doula?

A Postpartum Doula is someone who has special experience and education in newborn care and transition to parenthood to provide support in the early days and weeks after birth. While a partner may be your perfect emotional support, it’s quite unrealistic for either of you to know how to care for a newborn if you don’t have any previous experience. A Doula is not there to replace your partner or other support people in any way. In fact, most support people will say that their Doula helped them become more involved in the parenting experience by encouraging them to do things they wouldn’t have thought of.

I’m not nervous about becoming a parent, do I need a doula?

It’s great that you’re feeling confident! A doula will help you remain confident through those early days, and give you the extra support you may need if things don’t go as you hoped. When fatigue and exhaustion set-in, you will relish the doula’s arrival which will allow you to get some much needed sleep while helping tidy around the house and even prepare dinner!

If I have a midwife do I really need a doula?

Midwives provide excellent postpartum support, but they can’t be there every time you need them and they’re not there for very long at each visit. While many do home visits for the first week or two, after that your visits will be done in clinic. A doula can provide longer visits and has more time to dedicate to teaching you new skills and techniques to feed and care for your baby. The more help you can get the better!

I really want a doula, but my partner’s not convinced. Now what?

This is a common concern, and a tough one! The best suggestion is to show your partner the statistics on doulas and their benefits. The evidence is overwhelming! Then you may ask your partner if they will sit through just one interview. You may consider doing some phone interviews ahead of time to find a doula you think will be a good fit, and then have your partner meet her. Many partners realize just how ‘normal’ it feels once they actually meet a real doula. The other reality about becoming a new parent is that it’s tough. If you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed, you won’t be the best mother or wife you can be. Often with just a few hours here and there to alleviate your workload, you will begin the path to feeling great again. Our babies are only little for a short time. Many of our clients feel their postpartum doula is the best investment they made!

I really want a postpartum doula, but I can’t afford one. Now what?

Doulas are professionals with a significant amount of training and an unparalleled dedication to their clients. Doulas will be there for you in those tough early days. They will help you to feel like a confident parent. This specialized service is really worth every cent. Imagine the benefits of having a personalized parenting coach right in your home!? We know it can be expensive, which is why we offer payment plans and accept credit cards so you can work to spread out your payments over a period of time. We’ll work with you to make it as manageable as possible. The earlier you hire a doula and start making payments, the less expensive your monthly payments will be!

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