We have been seeing so much #DoulaLove online the past few months. It’s always heartwarming to see people taking to social media to talk about their experience with a birth or postpartum doula. While doula support has been becoming more popular in recent years, we know that many parents aren’t aware that it exists as an option. Spreading the word on social media not only highlights terrific doulas to their community, but also helps raise awareness about birth work to people starting their journey.

Today we want to share a collection of positive doula vibes we’ve been seeing on twitter. If you’ve come across support for doulas online, make sure to tag us on Instagram!

This one is terrific. A single meeting with a doula helping create positive momentum!

High praise when you are the BEST doula

We hear this A LOT. Having an overnight doula for that first week or two can make a world of difference.

Loving this trend of doula support bring added to the baby registry. It doesn’t always have to be a physical item!

Hiring a postpartum doula can definitely be an investment, but parents always swear by the difference it makes!

Many doulas will complete small chores or errands around your home. The perfect time to sneak in a nap 🙂

A doula can help in any birthing situation, whether that is at home, in a hospital, a cesarean… etc

This is one part of doula support that can be overlooked, the power of having someone to advocate for YOU

If you or someone you know could benefit from doula support in 2023, we’d love to help! Our team can be reached anytime via our contact form. Simply click here and enter your information. A member of our team would be happy to assist.